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Elegance and charm give life to an exclusive timeless space.


- Kitchen: plywood composed of column bases and wall units with matt lacquered doors with groove. Top with Corian portal and mirror behind the sink

- Cellar: composed of sides and panels, bases with lacquered doors and drawers and refrigerated cellar. Top and curved metal structure for wine holders.​

- Walk-in wardrobe and various boiserie: with open wardrobes equipped with clothes hanger rods, drawers and shelves complete with oak dividing wall with sliding doors with slats and mirrors. Bookcase and bases in oak, backs and shelves with matt lacquered bullnose and oak frame for fireplace

- Bathrooms: with suspended bases, horizontal grooves and drawers, custom-made mirrors and open element with recessed sockets, all matt lacquered. Marble top to complete



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